Lectures from actual AOD seminars

AOD lectures are highly coordinated and animated affairs. Unlike a typical Powerpoint presentation, the AOD lecture format is characterized by the seamless integration of animations and videos, while minimizing outlines and bullet points. The result is a format that is consistently praised by AOD attendees.

Introduction to the Preparation for Awake Intubation

Awake intubation is a key skill for the clinician who must manage difficult airway patients. Awake intubation, or AI, is best approached as a six faceted process. This lecture explains these facets in detail, complete with patient video.

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Indirect Vision Devices

Indirect laryngoscopy is quickly becoming the dominant technique of tracheal intubation. Though the Glidescope from Verathon is currently the most prevalent instruments of this type, there are several other devices, incorporating a variety of technologies. This video clip is taken from a lecture that discusses six classes of indirect imaging devices.

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