Swine Trachea Lab

Many clinicians like the feel of placing trans-tracheal jet ventilation catheters, as well as percutaneous airways, through living tissue. Hence, at your option, a swine trachea lab may be added to your AOD workshop.

The AOD swine trachea set-up is unique and has been adopted for use by the ASA annual meeting's invasive Swine tracheaairway lab for the past several years. Tracheas are fixed to a solid surface, and a section of pigskin is fixed over the specimen. This gives the student the ability to see and palpate the surface anatomy before making a puncture or incision. The feel of placing a needle or large-bore catheter device through the skin is very different from specimens that are unstabilized or lack skin cover.

The additional cost of the swine trachea lab option covers the support of a dedicated instructor, and can be estimated at $1500 for groups of under 30 persons. Many practices will use one of their staff as the instructor, markedly reducing cost.Swine trachea lab

 AOD is proud to introduce the Cric-Key device into the lab. Released in 2015, Cric-Key was developed for battle-field medicine. 






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