Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your most common questions about the Airway on Demand course

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to your most common questions about the Airway on Demand course

When and where is the course given?

That is up to you! The AOD course is arranged for your group, community or professional society, at your choice of date and location.

How much will a workshop cost?

Please refer to the Cost Estimator page for a breakdown of expenses based on your needs.

Why are the simulation, swine trachea and the thoracic labs considered "add-ons" for an extra fee?

Many groups want to keep the workshop costs to a minimum, hence most AOD events have not included the "add-ons" of Airway Simulation, Swine Trachea lab and Thoracic lab. Simulation requires additional faculty and may involve a simulator rental fee from Leardal (although this can often be avoided). If your community has a 3G, Sim-man, Air-man or other similar device available, extra costs may be avoided. Likewise, the Thoracic Anesthesia Airway Management Lecture and Lab requires at least one added AOD faculty. The Swine Trachea lab, using AOD's unique specimen set-up, may add no extra cost to your event if you are able to recruit a colleague to help with the bench-work.

How does the cost compare to that of other courses?

Courses designed for the same audience, and covering roughly the same material, may charge tuition of $500-$1200 per person. If you add the cost of the attendees' lost work days and travel expenses, the cost benefit of AOD is self-evident!

Who will be the CME provider?

CME can be provided by Yale University or another provider, but most groups prefer to use their local hospital's CME source, which tends to be at lower or no cost. The AOD director will contact your hospital to determine if CME is available.

Can CRNAs get CE credit?

At past courses, CRNAs have applied to their local AORN chapter, and have been granted CE credit. A pre-congress AOD workshop was held at the 2013 AANA meeting in Las Vegas.

How many CME credits can be awarded?

The AOD course is approved for category 1 credit. Though the course is 7 hours long, circumstances may limit the CME to only 5 hours. In most cases, manufacturer representatives aid instructors during the hands on portion of the course. Depending on the CME provider, these 2+ hours may not be eligible for credit.

How many persons can attend an AOD course?

There is no limit to the number of persons who can attend, although the typical group is under 50 participants. Programs of 7 to 150 persons have been held. Individual AOD tutorials can also be arranged.

Who is the course directed towards?

The AOD is designed for the anesthesiologist, CRNA, clinicians administering conscious sedation, intensivist and emergency medicine specialist. Respiratory therapists, nurses and paramedics have also attended the course. When clinicians who are not practicing intensive airway management do attend, special sessions on basic airway management can be included.

How can two days worth of material be delivered in a 6 to 7 hour course?

Typical national workshops depend on multiple speakers presenting individual topics. There is a tendency towards overlap in the lecture content (e.g., a talk on pediatric management may revisit such topics as fiberoptics, LMAs, and other techniques which have already been discussed in dedicated lectures.) AOD lectures are highly coordinated, with no content redundancy!

Can the curriculum be modified according to our interests and practice?

Yes, absolutely! The didactic and hands-on sessions can be customized to your particular practice.

How soon can we have an AOD workshop?

Courses have been scheduled in as little as six weeks depending on speaker availability.

Where will the AOD workshop be held?

Hospitals have typically allowed the course to be held in an on-site lecture hall or conference room without charge.

How long has AOD been giving workshops?

Since 1997, the AOD workshop has been given over 75 times. Several have been repeat annual or biannual events for the same group.

What are AOD lectures like?

The didactic sessions of the AOD workshop incorporate video of live patients, animation of techniques, and the speaker’s personal experiences. Unless otherwise stated, no techniques are discussed which are not practiced by the speaker. Almost all techniques are demonstrated with patient video. Please see the Sample Lectures page.

How can I get more information?

Call the course director, Dr. William Rosenblatt at 203-785-2802. If he is not available, ask for his assistant, Annette. You can e-mail him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

References from previous AOD hosts and attendees are readily available.

Where have previous AOD workshops been given?

Note that some of the following groups have had multiple events.

References from these courses available on request.

  • 2019 Lafayette, CO (our 3rd event)
  • 2019 Boulder, CO (our 2nd event) (our 120th AOD!)
  • 2019 Portland, OR, May (our 3rd event)
  • 2019 Boulder, CO
  • 2019 Wynnewood, PA, April (our 7th event)
  • 2019 New Britain CT, May
  • 2019 New Britain CT, March
  • 2019 Yale New Haven Hospital, Jan
  • 2018 American Association of Nurse Anesthetists, Boston, Sept
  • 2018 Society for Airway Managment, Chicago, Sept
  • 2018 Idaho Falls, ID, June
  • 2018 New Orleans (Emerg Med) May
  • 2018 Wynnewood, PA, April (our 6th event)
  • 2018 Big Sky, MO, Feb
  • 2018 Preferred Vascular Group, Atlanta, GA, Jan 
  • 2018 Yale New Haven Hospital, Jan
  • 2017 Wynnewood, PA, Dec (our 5th event)
  • 2017 Sisters of Charity Hospital, St. Joseph Campus, Buffalo NY, Oct
  • 2017 Scottsdale, AZ, (Holiday Seminars), (our 3rd event)
  • 2017 Georgia Association of Nurse Anesthetists, Oct
  • 2017 Society for Airway Managment, Newport Beach, Sept
  • 2017 Seattle, WA ~ American Association of Nurse Anesthetists, Sept (Our 100th AOD!)
  • 2017 Kittanning, PA, July 
  • 2017 Portland, OR, May
  • 2017 New Haven, CT (customized course), April 
  • 2017 Wynnewood, PA  (our fourth event!), April 1
  • 2017 Maui, HI (Holiday Seminars, our second event), Feb
  • 2017 Yale New Haven Hospital, Feb
  • 2017 Grand Cayman Island (Health Services Authority), Jan
  • 2016 PA Soc of Oral-Maxillofacial Surgeons, Wynnwood PA, Dec
  • 2016 Kasas State Association of Nurse Anesthetists, Oct
  • 2016 Wynnewood, PA, October 5, (repeat (4th) course!) (Our 90th AOD)
  • 2016 Society for Airway Management, September (repeat course
  • 2016 Arkansas-ANA, April 24 
  • 2016 Wynnewood, PA,, April 2(repeat (3rd) course!)
  • 2015 Conn-ANA, December 5 (repeat course!)
  • 2015 Wynnewood, PA, September 12 (repeat course! ) 
  • 2015 American Association of Nurse Anesthetists, Salt Lake City, August 28 (repeat course!) 
  • 2015 Portland, OR, June 6
  • 2015 Wynnewood, PA, April 25
  • 2015 Yale New Haven Hospital, April 23 
  • 2014 Conn-ANA, November 22 (Our 80th AOD!)
  • 2014 SAM meeting preconference, September 18
  • 2014 Big Sky, MO, (Jefferson Anesthesia Conference), repeat event
  • 2014 Lafayette, CO, February 1
  • 2013 Las Vegas, AANA preconference, Aug 9
  • 2013 Oakwood, MI, May 11 (Our 75th AOD!) 
  • 2013 Lynwood, CA, April 27(repeat)
  • 2013 Duarte, CA, March 2
  • 2013 Yale New Haven Hospital, March 16
  • 2012 San Diego Naval Station, Dec 2†
  • 2012 Atlanta, GA (Premiere Health), Sept 28 (Our 70th AOD!)
  • 2012 Bur Ridge, IL, Aug 25
  • 2012 Columbus, Oh (OhioHealth), July 28
  • 2012 St Rapheal’s Hospital, New Haven, May 21
  • 2012 Jamestown, NY, May 5
  • 2012 Lynwood, CA, April 28
  • 2012 Fargo, ND (NDANA), April 21
  • 2012 Yale New Haven Hospital, April 14
  • 2012 Big Sky, MO, (Jefferson Anesthesia Conference), March 28
  • 2012 Providence, RI, January 9
  • 2011 Los Angeles, CA, August 22, 2011
  • 2011 American Association of Nurse Anesthetists, Boston, MA, August 8, 2011
  • 2011 Yale New Haven Hospital,
  • 2011 Chaing Mai, Thailand, January 21
  • 2010 Mt Holly, NY, December 4 - pending
  • 2010 Virginia Beach (repeat), June 19
  • 2010 Denver, CO April 24
  • 2010 Troy, NY, January 9
  • 2009 Hattiesburg, MS, November 7
  • 2009 Orlando, FL, September 12
  • 2009 Virginia Beach, VA, June 6
  • 2009 Milford, CT, April 25
  • 2009 Yale Univ School of Medicine, Department of Anesth March 20
  • 2008 SDANA, Sioux Falls, SD, September 27
  • 2008 Howard University Medical Center, Washington DC, August 2
  • 2008 Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven, CT, March 28-29
  • 2008 Winchester Medical Center, Winchester, VA, February 16
  • 2008 Maine Association of Nurse Anesthetist, Newry. ME, January 27
  • 2007 Martinsburg West Virginia, Veterans Administration, August 9
  • 2007 Providence Healthcare, Anchorage, Alaska, July 2
  • 2007 Long Beach Memorial Hospital, Long Beach, CA, June 22
  • 2007 South Dakota Ass of Nurse Anesthetists, Rapid City, SD, March,19
  • 2006 Long Beach Memorial Hospital, Long Beach, CA, June 30
  • 2006 Fargo, ND, Association of Nurse Anesthetists, April 1
  • 2006 Pikeville Medical Center, Pikeville KY, January 21
  • 2005 Guthrie Healthcare, Sayer, PA, December 3
  • 2005 University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma City, OK, November 19
  • 2005 Beverly Hospital, Beverly MA, October 1
  • 2005 Long Beach Memorial Hospital, Long Beach CA, January 7
  • 2005 SD Assoc. of Nurse Anesthetists, Rapid City, SD, May 14
  • 2004 Maimonodes Medical Center, New York. August 4
  • 2002 Middlesex Community Hospital, Middletown, CT, May 2
  • 2001 St Johnsbury, VT, Nov 19
  • 2001 Georgetown University Hospital, October 27 
  • 2001 Orlando Regional Health System, March 17 
  • 2000 Norwalk Hospital, Norwalk, CT, November 4 
  • 2000 Georgetown University, September 23
  • 2000 Bismark, North Dakota, September 16 
  • 2000 Columbia University, New York, NY, June 10 
  • 2000 Greenwich Hospital, Greenwich, CT, April 29 
  • 2000 St Claire’s Hospital, New York, NY, March 15 
  • 2000 Fargo, ND, Jan 29 
  • 1999 Pittston, PA, Sept 18 
  • 1999 Melbourne, FL, July 29 


Intensive laboratory on the Difficult Airway with didactic session

  • 2007 New Haven, CT, February 14-15 
  • 2005 Washington D.C, Sept , as part of the SAM*
  • 2004 Chicago, IL, Sept 14, as part of the SAM*
  • 2003 Miami, FL, Sept 14, as part of the SAM*
  • 2002 San Diego, CA, Sept 20, as part of the SAM*
  • 2001 Dallas, TX, April 27-28 , as part of the SLAM meeting
  • 2000 New Orleans, LA, April 5
  • 2000 New Haven, CT, January12 
  • 1999 New Orleans, LA, September 24-25 part of the SAM*
  • 1999 New Orleans, LA, September 23 
  • 1999 New Haven, CT, August 6 
  • 1999 Denver, CO, July 8 
  • 1999 Phoenix, AZ, June 17 
  • 1999 New Orleans, LA, March 3
  • 1999 Stony Brook, NY, January 16 
  • 1998 Phoenix, AZ, December 5 
  • 1998 New Orleans, LA, November 14 
  • 1998 Denver, CO, September 12 
  • 1998 Phoenix, AZ, July 11 
  • 1998 Orlando, FL, January 30 
  • 1997 Orlando, FL, September 20

* SAM: Society for Airway Management

† AOD will schedule a workshop for an armed services group at no charge






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