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 Airway on Demand (AOD) is an A-to-Z update of the current trends in clinical airway management designed for the practicing anesthesiologist. The course will cover topics such as the new ASA difficult airway guidelines, advanced airway evaluation, pediatric airway management, awake intubation, new video laryngoscopes, the role of new supraglotic airways in difficult airway management, invasive airway access and difficult extubation. AOD is being o ered to the clinician who wants a solid review of the current devices and techniques, before attending SAM, where more advanced ideas are shared.

AOD will occur the Thursday before the start of the SAM meeting.

Educational Objectives:

Participants who attend this course will be able to:

  1. Develop an appropriate airway management plan based on the findings of a focused medical history and airway physical exam, and apply these plans to patient care.

  2. Apply principles of advanced airway evaluation to the synthesis of an appropriate airway plan.

  3. Assess their plan of airway rescue and routine tracheal intubation with the incorporation of modern supraglottic airways.

  4. Apply patient preparation techniques in the performance of awake tracheal intubation.

  5. Apply techniques of minimally invasive airway rescue.

  6. Evaluate the potential for failed tracheal extubation and develop a plan for emergency reintubation.

• All participants must register for the SAM conference prior to course acceptance.

AOD Registration Fee: SAM meeting attendees $100; Trainees $25 (with confirmation letter from their program director). 

Space is limited, thus course participation will be on a first come, first serve basis.

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