NEW!!!  Flipped-AOD


Welcome to Flipped-Classroom AirwayOnDemand!

Why spend your time in a lecture hall learning material that you can conveniently learn online, at your own pace, and wherever you find it most convenient and comfortable? Flipped-AOD brings you the same high-quality multimedia lectures of the classic AOD workshop, along with hands-on practice with the airway tools, swine trachea lab and in-person simulation.

The flipped classroom model is used at major centers of learning, such as Yale University. In this model, you watch the same high-quality multimedia lectures at your own pace, and then practice the use of airway instruments and participate in small group simulation at a date and venue of your choosing. Because the AOD faculty comes to you for only the hands-on portions of the course, the savings to you are significant. This is the most cost-effective AirwayOnDemand yet!



Once your group elects Flipped-AOD, each learner is assigned an AOD Learner number. At a time and place of each student’s choosing, he or she can log on to our video library and watch as much of the AOD lecture series as they wish. The entire five hours of AOD lecture study can be completed in a day, in a week or in a month — any time up until the scheduling of the AOD simulation day. On the chosen AOD simulation day, learners will have elected a time interval of two hours during which they will complete the hands-on portion of the course. CME of up to 8 hours is awarded to those learners who have completed the online and hands-on portions of the course.

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