ACLS Certification / Recertification

Get your entire group or staff certified or recertified right in your office!

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The practitioner may complete certification by one of two means: the ACLS Heart Code CD course, or the conventional instructor course.

ACLS Heart Code (12 CME)

Cost: $299/student ¥

Lectures, code-practice, written exam completed by time limited CD, which is purchased on-line ($99/student)* Demonstration of ACLS skills (Mega-code) with a certified instructor travelling to your facility ($200/student)¥

Conventional ACLS course (8 CME)

Cost: $650/student ¥

A traditional 6 to 8 hour course can be arranged where our certified instructor will travel to your facility, deliver all lectures, code-practice, and written and Mega-code exams.


¥ Additionally, cost of instructor travel (1 instructor –to- 6 students) charged to the hosting group. There is a $500/group charge for a weekday course.
* The CD may be accessed for up to 40 hours. It will allow the printing of only one completion certificate, necessary to qualify for ACLS certification. Our instructor can guide you through the CD purchase process.
Conventional ACLS training is typically completed over two days.






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